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Five Questions to Answer Before You Renovate

Renovation planning can soon lead to overwhelm unless you have a clear plan from the get go. While the finer details are important, I believe it’s best to tackle the broader ones first. Whether it’s a room or a whole house you plan to renovate, these five questions will help you on your way.

Why are you renovating? Is it to update, to add more space, prepare for sale or to put your stamp on it? Whatever the reason, if you are clear about it, those working on your project will be too. And, if you are going to involve a designer or project manager, this will be one of the first questions they ask.

Who are you renovating for? The best renovation outcome is one that meets your needs and the needs of everyone under your roof. A great example of this is a family kitchen renovation. While you might be chief cook and bottle washer, the kitchen will need to cater for the breakfast and homework run. It’s also likely to be where technology is charged and to be entertainment central on weekends.

What is not negotiable? Are there features and/or items that you must include in your renovation? In my experience these usually fall into the appliance and selection categories. The benefit of asking this question is that it will highlight possible areas for compromise.

And this leads us into the next question… What is your budget? You don’t need to share it yet but you do need to know it. When you know it, reduce it by ten percent for your contingency and another ten percent for variations you will make.

When do you plan to sell? This one always creates surprise but it’s incredibly important. If your answer is five years or less, your renovation must meet your needs and the needs of your potential buyers.  Taking care of this now means that you’ll have the widest possible market appeal when the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up.

Answering these questions with your dearly beloved has all sorts of benefits. It can smooth any big wrinkles early on, means that you both set the game plan and that you are playing on the same team.

OK, Now you can pick up that tape measure…

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    1. Kellie Dobbie

      Hi Joe. Many thanks for your kind comments. They are often overlooked but when asked, they set the scene for a renovation.
      Have a great day,

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