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Our 5 Top Survival Tips for Renovating with a Family

We renovate for families with school aged children a lot. Through experience, we’ve come to realise there are some little things that can make a big difference when it comes to making a renovation a smooth one for all involved. Here are our top 5;

  1. Our most organised clients start their Cook Double and Freeze project a couple of months before their renovation starts. So, when it comes time to renovate, they have a freezer full of home cooked, healthy meals ready to go. This is often a lifesaver.
  2. A Renovation Schedule is a must. It allows everyone involved to see the finish line and provides a glimmer of hope on the hardest days. Your schedule should be tweaked as things change. We like to print schedules out on an A3 sheet so they can be easily followed and to give the littlest members of the family the job of colouring in the ‘week that was’.
  3. If you are considering living in for part of the renovation, find out when the noisiest, dustiest periods are going to be and move out for them. We call these the No Go Zones, when everyone is better off living somewhere else. Sure, it’s an additional cost but you will save your sanity.
  4. If you are living in for any period of time, set aside a room that acts as a Renovation Free Zone where kids can play or do homework, you can chill and that is tradie free. This gives little ones a sense of security during what can be an unsettling process and for big ones, it acts as an oasis of calm.
  5. Particularly if you are living in while renovating, hire a cleaner every Friday afternoon. And, not just any cleaner. You’ll need a cleaner experienced in ‘builders cleans’, someone who will brush down dusty walls and carry a load of commercial style machinery and products to leave your place sparkling for the weekend. They’ll leave you at 4, in time for you to enjoy a weekend of just being with one another instead of cleaning. They will become your best friend within weeks.

As a last resort when these tips don’t make a dent, we find the ‘BE KIND, I’M RENOVATING’ badge does the trick.

Happy days…

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