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Seven Tips For High Rise Renovation Success


If you are looking to renovate an apartment in a high rise complex, these tips will help you save time, tears and money.

This kind of renovation poses unique challenges. To maximise your success and keep everyone happy, start the planning process as early you can and cover these bases;

1. Know your bylaws and regulations. These will prescribe your hours of work, the times you can operate tools and guide your selections.
2. Communicate clearly and often. Meet with complex management as often as you need to. Discuss your plans, scope and schedule. They are often a great source of help and support.
3. Skip bins. Is there is a designated location and how long can a bin stay at any one time? On road skip bins often require a parking permit. These can be costly, so aim to reduce the time you have skips onsite.
4.Parking for trades people. Are there allocated bays onsite for trades people? If not, find the cheapest full day parking rate nearby and provide your trades with the details. Parking costs and the inconvenience associated with off site parking will increase trades costs.
5. Lift loading limits and stairway access. These will determine the size, shape and weight of your materials and selections. Items like stone bench tops and cabinetry may need to be pre-cut to size to accommodate.
6. Access for trades people and deliveries. By knowing these access routes, you can minimise any inconvenience.
7. Love thy neighbour. Let them know when you plan to start, finish and how noisy and dusty you’ll be. They may not love you back but they will appreciate it.

With these bases covered, you can get on with planning a smooth and successful renovation. Best of luck…

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